Dry Bones

Bone upon bone,
I build a prayer.
Give it breath, O Spirit.

I wait for hope
like the sleepless wait for morning.

I long for grace
like lovers long for embrace.

I listen for your voice
like springtime listens for the robin.

I bring flesh to meet spirit
like tears meet the earth to water life.

These are the bones
and the best I can do:
mind and body, short on sleep
and unchecked in longing.

Can these bones breathe?
Can this death be unbounded?
Can love move stones and mountains?

Have mercy. Restore me to life
so that I may praise your name.
Call to these bones wherever they are
— in dry valleys, up high in the trees,
on the streets, or in graveyards —
and breathe into these slain bones
a prophecy and a triumphant song!

Bone upon bone upon bone,
until your salvation comes.

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Patience (Lent 17)

I bless the earth
for nurturing the daffodil
in secret until the robins are ready
to herald its cheery bloom.

I bless the spring peepers
for freezing solid in wintery woods
to wait faithfully until the early spring thaw
beckons love’s chorus.

I bless the sun
for biding its time through the night
without fear of shadows or stillness until the dawn
has its shades of blush ready to paint.

I bless the soloist
for lingering over and letting go of
every note so reluctantly until even eternity
holds its breath with longing.

I bless the Everlasting God
for abiding beyond hours and seasons
with mysterious patience until the rigidity of chronos
yields to the miracle of kairos for life.

Lent 15

My God and my delight,
my rock and my blessing:
you who can grow a daffodil
where a thorn has been planted,
you who can dance with new life
after death has decreed its sentence:
help my spirit watch eagerly for your love
though my mind expects your absence;
tune my heart to the mountains’ song
though my ear expects their silence;
open my eyes to your unfolding purpose
though my feet tremble on unknown paths;
by your mercy I too will become a sign
of your unexpected, eternal faithfulness:
a crocus in winter, a waltz in the street,
a testimony to your glory, God willing.
In the name of the One who knows all
and the One who can accomplish all.

on Isaiah 55:13

Easter Sunday

Come, Lord Jesus!

For three days
and an eternity
we have been
languishing —

come, Lord Jesus!

Set among us
your rich feast
where all are fed
and comforted.

Come, Lord Jesus!

Do not hide in the
tomb or the garden
but be unrestrained
& boldly marvelous.

Come, Lord Jesus!

We have missed
your face — truly
failed to see and
to love you in all.

Come, Lord Jesus!

By your grace, let
life not be a vanity
nor our discipleship
an idle daydream.

Come, Lord Jesus!

Be our motivation
and morning star,
our deepest root
and loftiest poem!

Come, Lord Jesus!

Our sure foundation,
our impossible way
out of no way, our
only hope & savior!

Come, Lord Jesus!