Of One Heart and Soul

Of one heart and soul, make us:
one heart sharing hope,
one soul witnessing life,
one heart bearing grief,
one soul crying “Justice!”

Of one heart and soul, make us:
one heart bleeding in the street,
one soul drowning in the river,
one heart longing for freedom,
one soul searing from separation.

Of one heart and soul, make us:
one heart healing from death’s wounds,
one soul believing the impossible mystery,
one heart singing in courageous fellowship,
one soul committing to abundant life.

Of one heart and soul, make us, we pray —
our LORD and our God!

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Of First Importance (Easter Sunday)

Of first importance: Life, hallelujah!
Life beyond understanding,
life renewed despite death,
life growing and changing,
life outside of time & flesh,
life created in blessing — hallelujah!

Of first importance: Grace, hallelujah!
Grace unhindered by guilt,
grace multiplying with love,
grace to comfort our hearts,
grace with partiality to joy,
grace upon grace upon grace — hallelujah!

Of first importance: Witness, hallelujah!
Witness unafraid to see death,
witness welcoming a stranger,
witness in a name and a face,
witness remaining til the end,
witness telling a new story before it unfolds — hallelujah!

on 1 Corinthians 15:3a
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Easter Sunday

Even before the dawn breaks,
you are with us.

Even while our spirits are broken,
you rebuild us.

Though we are too weary to run,
you renew us.

Though we are too slow to believe
but quickly ardent in idolization,
you remain our God.

When we barely remember our names
and all hope seems lost to the grave,
you love us forever.

Now the eyes of our hearts are opened
and the song on our lips is pure joy.
Beloved Resurrection!


on John 20:1-18 with Jeremiah 31:1-6
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Easter Sunday

Now Life is unencumbered by Death.
Let my feet & my heart skip freely!

Now Life is not overcast by shadows.
Let my eyes weep to welcome the sun!

Now Life is not hidden in caves and tombs.
Let my soul stop seeking and rejoice to recognize!

Alleluia! There is Life! Alleluia! Freedom has risen to dance!

on Luke 24:5