Breathe in: the loveliness of God.
Breathe out: to articulate God’s grace.

Breathe in: the spirit of God.
Breathe out: with purpose as God’s image.

Breathe in: the wild creativity of God.
Breathe out: to embody your God-given gifts.

Breathe in: the delight of God for you.
Breathe out: with joy in being.

Breathe in: the peace of God’s presence.
Breathe out: and take the journey before you.

on Ephesians 2:10

Lessons (Lent 13)

What example shall I be, O LORD, for the blessing of your name? If an example of grace, I might be tempted to idolize and (try to) enact a perfect persona. If an example of faith, I might fold doubt beneath my coat or tuck it into my pockets like cold hands in winter, lest faith be revealed for its fragility. If an example of love, I might never love for fear of failing to live with a heart so generous as yours. If an example of mercy, I might betray how desperately we live without compassion for ourselves or one another, If an example of hope, I might be swept away be the despair of dreams unrealized. What example shall I be, O LORD, for the blessing of your name?

on 1 Corinthians 13:13


Is it true, God, that you are faithful
even when life is a gauntlet of troubles
and each day seems longer than the next?

Is it true that your inheritance is plentiful
even though we squander and fight and steal
in jealous fear that we must secure ours?

Is it true, O God Eternal, that the sun
knows your name and the mountains too,
that you are more beautiful than the night sky?

Is it true that you find us where we are in the dust,
lift us up and kiss us and love us like royalty?
I wonder because I’m feeling particularly dusty.

Is it true that all our gods are for naught?
The money, security, prestige, and certainty that shape
our daily pursuits: will they fade before they exhaust us?

Is it true then that there is only one God, O God,
and — lest the question go unanswered —
are you still and finally faithful?

Because the world ends catastrophically every day
right before our eyes and we wonder when
it will stop starting over. We wonder

when we should bail on love and hope and fairness
and balms that seem never to heal the unjust
while innocent blood flows in the streets.

We wonder if you have been the dishonest manager,
charging us far less than we owe, and to what end?
What lesson learned, what grace extended in response?

Have you been faithful or have you been irresponsible
with our debts? For love of love, you risk fairness for grace.
For love of love, you weep over us from your holy heap of ashes.

We rage at you in trust that the world matters to you.
We yell in trust that our prayers will echo
through the mountains to your throne.

Bless our prayers along their wandering way
and bless our lives to faithful response.
We praise your name forever. Amen.

on today’s Revised Common Lectionary texts;
cross-posted at RevGalBlogPals

Lo! (Scenes from a Coffee Shop)

Lo! Look:
the sun bathes the parking lot in red,
easing us into the night with its best colors.

Lo! Look:
a father laughs with his toddler
while a nurse caffeinates for the night shift.

Lo! Look:
a lover on the phone discreetly wipes a tear
trying to keep her world in order.

Lo! Look:
barstools and tables stand in disarray
from a full day of conversations, meetings, solitudes.

Lo! Look:
the coffee grinder drowns out the silence
of a student writing against a deadline.

Lo! Look:
the ordinariness of the space
does not disguise the beauty of Your daily blessings.


on Jeremiah 4:24, “I looked and lo!”