Chariots (Lent 18)

Easy enough
to confess
when I have none.

Easy enough
to set aside
pride in horses
with no stables to fill.

Easy enough
to surrender
financial confidence
with a check sure to bounce.

More difficult, I confess,
to abandon
measures of worth
by capacity and competence.

More difficult, O LORD,
to swallow my pride
and share the road
on days when I feel lost.

More difficult, truth be told,
to accept vulnerability
to the whims of time
and the magnitude of grace.

Let me confess, O God,
pride in chariots
for easy absolution and
we’ll leave the rest for tomorrow.

on Psalm 20:7

Lessons (Lent 13)

What example shall I be, O LORD, for the blessing of your name? If an example of grace, I might be tempted to idolize and (try to) enact a perfect persona. If an example of faith, I might fold doubt beneath my coat or tuck it into my pockets like cold hands in winter, lest faith be revealed for its fragility. If an example of love, I might never love for fear of failing to live with a heart so generous as yours. If an example of mercy, I might betray how desperately we live without compassion for ourselves or one another, If an example of hope, I might be swept away be the despair of dreams unrealized. What example shall I be, O LORD, for the blessing of your name?

on 1 Corinthians 13:13

Confession (First Sunday in Lent)

I have loved
too little
and too late.

I have disengaged
too easily and
too coolly.

I have endured
too fearfully and
too immutably.

I have cherished
too sparingly
and too lightly.

I have waited
too patiently,
too tolerantly.

I have remembered
too selectively and
too carelessly.

I have dared
too timidly and
too composedly.

And again:
I have loved
too little and too late.


I was thinking
that if I lean back
into your arms then
I might have the best view
of the stars in all their brilliance
and glory. By the light of their gaze
I might find peace illuminated…
might and maybe and if.
But I don’t easily lean
or rest, so I miss
the stars.

O God my God,
how I miss the stars.


on Job 9:4 & 9:9-10