Rejoice With Me (Lent 16)

Dear neighbor,
Dear sibling/stranger,
Dear God-among-us,

A silver coin of mine
is a coin of yours,
whether it is lost or found,
whether it is one alone or one of ten.

A sheep of mine in the fields
belongs too to your flock,
and a sibling of mine who is hungry
may appear at your table as easily as mine.

Whatever of mine is lost or lonely or struggling,
come and search with me lest we both suffer.
Whatever of mine is found or flourishing,
rejoice with me in our shared fortune.

To your good health,
To my daily breath,
To the glory of God.


on the parables of Luke 15


Come, sister: sit with me to watch the wonder of God dazzling within us like sparklers against the night sky. Come, brother: tend the fire with me into the wee hours as we spin tales of God’s mystery and chide one another to courage. Come, friend: the wait will not be so long if we sing of the goodness of God that knows no limit or hindrance. Come, family: break open the bread of miracles, pour freely the wine of delight, and we will marvel to find God with us while we wait for the new day.


on Genesis 18:14 — “Is anything
too wonderful for the LORD?”

Lent 36

Come, friend: the world is hard enough.
Let’s not argue over access to God or
qualifications for loving one another.
We’re walking in the same direction (and
goodness knows I have much to learn),
so if you will keep me honest then
I’ll watch your back, and we’ll simply
take this thing one step at a time —
but let’s not forget we’re in it together.

on John 12:20-22


Come close:
for rage has dawned instead of the sun
and blood has flowed in the riverbeds.

Come close:
for fear grows faster than a weed
and loneliness swarms like locust.

Come close:
if death is coming (or if God comes first)
let it find us together. With love together.

on Zephaniah 2:1-2


one body
one spirit
one hope
one sacred
one faith
one rhythm
your heartbeat
my heartbeat
our heartache
one breath
one death
one life
one song
one wail
one cause
your injury
my confession
our brokenness
one community
one people
one healing
one delight
one sorrow
one work

I beg you to lead a life worthy of that to which you have been called: with humility and gentleness, with patience and love, with grace and fellowship. Be obliged to community, for there is one people and one Spirit, just as there is one hope, one Healer, one faith, one grace, and one God who is above all & through all & in all. (Ephesians 4:1-6, adapted)