Sunday Prayer

A soft wheel formed upon
a spinning wheel:
drooping lopsided,
wet clay shaped by the potter’s hand
changed, turned,
crafted to be vessels.

Let us pray.

O God, you know us
as intimately as a potter
knows the clay within her hands.
See our paths, behind and before us.
Know our hearts; hear the prayers
that are within us.

We ache for peace.
We yearn for vision and certainty
amidst so much mystery, amidst so much chaos.
We strain toward you. We collapse. We want
someone to hold this life together.
Have mercy.

Be full of love
in those places & to those people
who are suffering, sick, abused, and dying;
be full of wisdom in the places of decision-making;
be full of strength in the ties that bind us and
show us the cords that we otherwise
have abandoned.

Make us
vessels full of love,
receptive to your wisdom,
trusting of your grace so that our
formation – our transformation – in your hands
will take shape to your glory.


You Know Who You Are

With thanksgiving on my tongue,
I sing praise for the feet of the saints
who walked this path long before me
who pointed out this path to me
who cleared the path with me.

With thanksgiving on my tongue,
I sing praise for the wisdom of the saints
who shared their vision of God’s ways
who lived faithfully by God’s ways
who loved God all the way.

With thanksgiving on my tongue,
I sing praise for the cloaks of the saints
that sheltered my weary soul from the dust
that marked my life for a new adventure
that gave me some flair for the dance.

With thanksgiving on your tongue,
now sing praise for the voices of the saints
who named God within you
who evoked God from you
who gave God to you.

From Whence Cometh My Help

Look to the hills to discern:
Is there help coming or is it a foe
just beyond the horizon?
Shall we equip ourselves for war
or rush to prepare a banquet table?

Look to the hills to discern:
Do not fret and scurry frantically about
based on what we don’t know,
for what is to be gained for tomorrow
by hyping our fears or relaxing in false security?

Look to the hills to discern:
Let our souls be wise
and attentive
so that we are neither unprepared nor
distracted by the tales we tell of the unknown.

Look to the hills to discern:
we do not know
what may be out of sight;
let our souls be at peace to say it:
we do not know what will come over the hills.

Look to the hills to discern
and let us know:
whether help or foe awaits
beyond the hill, through all things
there is the LORD who made heaven & earth.

Look to the hills to discern:
we do not need to know
what is coming
in order to know that the LORD
keeps us, from the rising of the sun to its setting.

Sunday Prayer: Labor Day

We are asking:

Where will I find the money?
Where will I find a moment’s rest?
Where will I find a job, a spouse, a home?

We are asking:

How will we get our way amidst partisanship?
How will we secure prosperity despite violence & war?
How will we be heard over celebrities & corporations & chaos?

God is asking:

What did I do wrong
that idols of wealth and contentment
are worshiped more than the One of life and community?

God is asking:

Who are these who are
crying out in prayer and singing in praise
yet pursuing their own wisdom and pleasure day by day?

We confess:

That we miss those times
when we trusted you through all things
and were content to commit our lives to your work.

We pray:

For awe to replace pride,
for love of one another to root out fear,
for holy purpose to define our daily laboring.

We rejoice:

That you are our treasure,
our daily peace and provocation;
in your shadow, our souls are satisfied.

We offer:

Our lives to be a blessing
to your glory and to this world’s healing,
in the name of Jesus who sets an abundant table for all.


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