We are asking:

Where will I find the money?
Where will I find a moment’s rest?
Where will I find a job, a spouse, a home?

We are asking:

How will we get our way amidst partisanship?
How will we secure prosperity despite violence & war?
How will we be heard over celebrities & corporations & chaos?

God is asking:

What did I do wrong
that idols of wealth and contentment
are worshiped more than the One of life and community?

God is asking:

Who are these who are
crying out in prayer and singing in praise
yet pursuing their own wisdom and pleasure day by day?

We confess:

That we miss those times
when we trusted you through all things
and were content to commit our lives to your work.

We pray:

For awe to replace pride,
for love of one another to root out fear,
for holy purpose to define our daily laboring.

We rejoice:

That you are our treasure,
our daily peace and provocation;
in your shadow, our souls are satisfied.

We offer:

Our lives to be a blessing
to your glory and to this world’s healing,
in the name of Jesus who sets an abundant table for all.


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