A soft wheel formed upon
a spinning wheel:
drooping lopsided,
wet clay shaped by the potter’s hand
changed, turned,
crafted to be vessels.

Let us pray.

O God, you know us
as intimately as a potter
knows the clay within her hands.
See our paths, behind and before us.
Know our hearts; hear the prayers
that are within us.

We ache for peace.
We yearn for vision and certainty
amidst so much mystery, amidst so much chaos.
We strain toward you. We collapse. We want
someone to hold this life together.
Have mercy.

Be full of love
in those places & to those people
who are suffering, sick, abused, and dying;
be full of wisdom in the places of decision-making;
be full of strength in the ties that bind us and
show us the cords that we otherwise
have abandoned.

Make us
vessels full of love,
receptive to your wisdom,
trusting of your grace so that our
formation – our transformation – in your hands
will take shape to your glory.


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