Lent 6

I struggle for you in the gray,
O LORD my God and my Creator,
O Longing of my heart.

Give me a bright blue day
and I can see your cloud!
Even the dead of night
and I can find your fire!

But the gray…

Grant me patience and creativity
for sensing you amidst the chilly rains
of a colorless day.

I miss you, I need you here…

Until the gray gives way to life
I will retell your stories
and remind myself of past God-sightings:

I will pray with a homesick Rachel
and wait with a barren Elizabeth
and watch with a faithful Rahab
For you, O Desire of my Heart.

Lent 5

Softly my heart sings to you, o God:
“Blessed be the LORD.”
My praise is not always loud
and my joy does not always dance,
but oh! my God, how beautiful you are
in this day
in a subtle fluttering of Spirit
in a gentle moment of love!
How blessed am I
by a simple stillness
by a touch and a smile
by your abiding with me, night and day.
So my heart hums as with a lullaby:
“Blessed be the LORD.”

Lent 4

God of the mountains, God of the plateaus:
In the wilds we cry out to you
for angels
to feed us in our wandering
to reveal a spring of lovingkindess
so that this wilderness of a world
might be flooded with compassion
that drowns out selfish power
and satiates the thirsty and impoverished.

God of the beasts, God of the thorns:
In the wilds we cry out to you
for angels
to minister to our cultural loneliness
to exorcise the insulation from our lives
so that we see this wilderness clearly
and discover companions for the journey
through nights of raw beauty
through days of devastation.

God of the rocks, God of the winds:
In the wilds we cry out to you
for angels
to sweep us up from despair
to enliven us with bold visions
so that the wilderness is a God-with-us place,
a Christ-calling and Spirit-driving place,
until the whole world is renewed
until the wilds bring us home.

Lent 3

I will praise my God for being enough:

This day I am blessed with light enough
to warm the winter’s depression.

This day I am blessed with love enough
to participate fully and engage joyfully.

This day I am blessed with strength enough
to walk and courage enough to run.

This day I am blessed with breath enough
to speak and to pause before I speak.

This day I am blessed with life enough
to praise the Living God
who is more than enough.