Psalm 27 (A Preacher’s Psalm)

I stand to claim the Rock beneath my feet,the Foundation of my life.Sing in triumph, o my soul.Shout out: “How great is my God!”The Rock is my confidence and my conviction,the very boldness in my step.Dance with joy, my soul, to your core.Lift a hand to...

Psalm 122:1 (part two)

I was glad when they said to me:”Let us go into the house of the LORD;Let us go home.”Imagine a place where you can worship God in your bare feet–not because the dress code is so casual but because you are so comfortable, so at home.To be at...

Psalm 122:1 (part one)

Wooden floorboards, knotted and worn.Curl-up places. Blankets.Windows bright,Like the souls of thoseIn whose homes I can rest,Secure. These are my sanctuaries.

Bedtime Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep,I pray the Lord my fears to keep.I ask my God: these burdens, take;And while I sleep, new dreams to make.Be my peace and be my breath;In every fiber, let me rest.Chase the doubts that haunt my night,Bring mercies new in morning light.

Prayer at the Crossroads

I sit at the crossroads and wait,expectantly at first:A messenger is coming! The eyes of my soul watch for it:A messenger is coming, bearing a word of guidancefor this decision at the intersection.Is that the one, there in the distance?No, no, not yet.I pace while I...

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