I was glad when they said to me:
“Let us go into the house of the LORD;
Let us go home.”

Imagine a place where you can worship God in your bare feet–not because the dress code is so casual but because you are so comfortable, so at home.

To be at home…in church. It’s not about shoes or bare feet, of course, nor whether you dress up or dress down for worship. It’s about every sense–mind, body, spirit–receiving the consistent message when you enter that space: “Here you are safe. Here you are loved. Here you are supported to figure out, to reassemble, to revive your best and most whole self. Here you are home.” A message gathered through the touch of your naked toes (should you choose to go barefoot!) on the carpet; from the smell of freshly broken bread on the table; in the familiar sight of candles standing tall and bright, right there where they always are; by the sound of voices greeting you; and (lest we forget) through the taste of fish fry after worship or red jello with pineapples or no-crust-white-bread-triangle finger sandwiches arranged in circles and piled high.

Mind, body, spirit, all receiving the good news: You are home, be at peace. Let your body rest here as it cannot rest out in the wilderness. Let your mind spark and rekindle with ideas and inspirations after a week of mind-numbing routines, mind-battering stresses. Let your spirit soak up living water. Reconnect yourself in all of your parts…live in wholeness. Let the tears run if you are sad. Let the chuckle burst into full laughter if you are joyful. Let your passion find direction and fellowship for the journey. You are safe to be your whole self here in this home, here in God’s house.

Just imagine: feeling home-happy when you step into the house of the LORD!

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