I sit at the crossroads and wait,
expectantly at first:
A messenger is coming! The eyes of my soul watch for it:
A messenger is coming, bearing a word of guidance
for this decision at the intersection.
Is that the one, there in the distance?
No, no, not yet.
I pace while I wait, then look, startled:
the paths extending away from this crossroads
are multiplying.
Again I scan for a sign, a beacon, any hint of direction.
How long must I wait, O God of ways and wonders?
Who is coming with map in hand
to set my feet on a right path?
I watch.
I stare into the distance.
I throw a pebble of a prayer into the air:
perhaps it will fall toward one road or another
and I will know where to begin.
Let your messenger’s feet be swift, O God,
do not delay in sending your word!
Cause a post to be planted by the side of the road
and cover it with signs…
Stir a proud tiger lily to dance in the breeze
and bend toward your path for me…
Loosen the tongue of a friend
with encouragement and wisdom…
But do not leave me here without a message,
without a direction,
without a vision.
Burst open a spring of hope,
even here in the middle of the crossroads;
overflow for me
with the good news that there is still a vision for the appointed time.

(Habakkuk 1:3)

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