Whiny Brats (or Psalm 24:1)

It well may be that
is a
running around like
a 4-year-old
announcing “Mine! Mine!”
definitely OLD ENOUGH to know better
but still
to try to get away with it.
Which God can,
God is GOD.
Most challenging:
4-year-old God
seems to think that it is fun
to be in a room
with other
(me and you)
who also
run around ridiculously
whining “MINE! MINE!”
and although a caring preschool teacher might say,
“No, it belongs to all of us so we need to share,”
we are bratty kids who know better:
the toys & the crayons
belong to the preschool
just like the world & all that is in it
belong to
which is probably why
we spend so much time
out-shouting God
because when we shout over God
then it’s easier to overlook
the part about being
and we can still
pretend to believe
that everything belongs
to the kid
who gets things

P.S. I totally love kids. And I don’t believe that 4-year-olds are inherently bratty, but sometimes I suspect that adults are. 

8 thoughts on “Whiny Brats (or Psalm 24:1)

  1. Oblation

    Lord, all I am and all I have is Yours.

    My messy life.

    My 60-year-old body, dear servant with its creaks and spare tires.

    My sweet but cluttered house.

    My finances in all their glorious disarray.

    My music and writing talents, hidden not in napkins and backs of envelopes.

    All, for what they’re worth, are Yours…

    Lord, why don’t You take better care of Your stuff?!?

  2. “The earth is the LORD’s and all that is in it,
    the world, and those who live in it.” (NRSV)

    Children come to Vacation Bible School
    To laugh and learn
    Sing and play games
    Learning to recite a psalmist’s words:
    “The earth is the LORD’s and all that is in it.”

    Moving hands and minds
    Faces from all races light up with hope
    As each gathers in the richness
    And riches of God’s blessings
    Daily in their lives and in mine.
    Thanks be to God this beautiful summer day.

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