Seeking Jesus

I am Zacchaeus,
clamoring and climbing
for a better view of you.


I am Simon Peter,
wading through the water
to be close to you.


I am Susanna,
traveling alongside you
to make a way for good news.


I am Mary,
sitting still with you
to soak in your words.


I am a woman at the well
and a woman at the table,
seeking a drink and a crumb.


Seek me out, Jesus,
even as I search and wait
and long for you.

2 thoughts on “Seeking Jesus

  1. Dear Rachel…it has been too long since I have commented, but is no reflection of the encouragement, inspiration and challenge I receive from you honest, beautiful, faith-filled writing. Thank you for so faithfully using your gift of words and baring your soul.
    Easter blessings and joy to you…

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