On Earth

Thy will be done on earth

We need you, Highest Living God;
all of life needs you!
Can’t you hear the lament of gray whales
as Korean warships pace overhead?
Haven’t you noticed the shrimp fields
smothered by oil,
not to be renewed for generations?
How long will the razorbill choke on volcanic ash
or the earthworm gag in toxic soil
before you rescue the earth from her agony?

On earth as it is in heaven

If the moaning of creation doesn’t cause a rise in your Spirit
(in our spirits),
what will?!
Must the seas also rise and envelop the shores?
Will you (we) wait until even the rocks cry out for salvation?
Are you waiting for the sparrow to fall
before you collect your indignation
and restore the nesting ground of leatherback turtles
or the forest sanctuary of the harpy eagle?
Come o come, and all living things will bless your name!

For thine is the kingdom and the power.

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