On Ascension Day

God of heights, lift us up:
We are crawling in the mire of everyday routine.

God of the heavens, lift us up:
We are overwhelmed with the attention required by the things of this earth.

God of the stars, lift us up:
We cannot see past the clouds of “truth” that some would have us believe.

God of the sun, lift us up:
We are dazzled by the false jewels of society.

God of the moon, lift us up:
We are taxed by others’ demands for us to shine for them.

God of the universe, lift us up:
We want to stretch and breathe and see and be awe-struck.

God of heights, lift us up.

(How does one quote oneself? I’m not sure, but you can also find this prayer in Before The Amen: Creative Resources for Worship [The Pilgrim Press, 2007].)

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