Meditating on Beauty

Perhaps the true beauty of the trees
is their willingness to obey your seasons,
to bloom & thrive for a time,
to rest & sleep for a time.
Meanwhile I scramble for time,
believe that I can manipulate it,
pretend that my body and spirit
do not need respite or rejuvenation.
For my failure to see beauty within
the movement of time, forgive me.

Perhaps the ocean captivates me because
its faithfulness to your rhythm is relentless;
storm and sand cannot distract
the ocean from your tempo.
Meanwhile I build sandcastles with moats
against even the hint of a dark cloud,
and I stubbornly dig in my heels
against the push and pull of tides.
For turning a deaf ear to the beauty
of your musical rhythms, forgive me.

Perhaps the marigold plant is resplendent
because every flower is enough,
no matter its shade of orange
or its multitude of petals.
Meanwhile I am restless and unsatisfied,
certain that I could do better
that I could be better
that i could do and be more.
For lacking trust in your incarnate beauty
within all of life, forgive me.

A prayer-writing prompt for you: “On the beauty of your holiness and on your wonderful works, I will meditate” (Psalm 145:5). In your written prayer, praise God for the beauty of an object, an interaction, a moment that caused you to catch your breath and offered a glimpse of God’s beauty to you.

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