Let us walk in the light

Here is my light.
Limited though it is,
I hold it up against the night.
Perhaps you will see it
and you will breathe in relief
to experience a needed warmth and
a lessening of shadows along your way.
Perhaps this little glow of mine
will encourage you
to show your own radiance:
each candle sharing its flame with another,
multiplying light in defiance of those
who prefer to live hidden
in deceit’s darkness
rather than braving to dance
with the shadows that play alongside
a community illuminated.
Here is my light:
a votive that flickers and bobs
in the invisible breeze.
If you add your smooth pillar candle
and if another friend calls out a star by name
and perhaps if a child shares a Buzz Lightyear nightlight
(plus we’ll count the streetlights for good measure),
then together we might really be something:
our fellowship
could be the ray of dawn
that interrupts this deep night.
And you with your candle and she with a star
and the little ones with their nightlights
and I with my modest votive
will be content
to live together in the dawn
while we wait for the fullness of Day
to arrive and to chase away all of the shadows
and lingering phantoms of night.
There in the presence of the fire that is called Day
our lights will be consumed
and we will see each other’s faces
truly for the first time
without mystery or suspicion.
Let the Day come! Let the Day come!
Wait and watch with me for the brightest Day
to burst upon us. Wait and watch with me.
Come and create dawn with me,
with our lights together
against the night.

5 thoughts on “Let us walk in the light

  1. A precious piece of words sewn together to make a comfort quilt. Thank you Rachel !! Sometimes the lights are tiny – little flickers of birthday candles on Philip’s cake yesterday, sometimes the illumination is glowing and lighting up the street, stretching yellow gleams along the wet cold macadam Light ! give me light for my spirit (and Vitamin D for my body :>) Thank you for reminding me that I can find light in the path and reminding me it is there even in the night …
    Hugs, Lindy.

    • What a beautiful image: a quilt of words! Thank you!

      Happy birthday to Philip! You both are lights to my spirit: flickers of conversation, warmth of hugs, shared lights along the way. 🙂 Truly God’s light is in all seasons and in each of us.

      Thankful for you!

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