Lent 37 (Lonely)

One last walk
before the very last one.
A stroll with only
the streetlights for company
a tin can for amusement
and thoughts
best left unsaid.
Take one walk alone
Brother Jesus
before the very last one.
One more time
just to look at the stars
and to listen for the laughter
from inside lit houses.
Don’t let your mind linger
on the loneliness
that comes with creating the space
in which others can love anew
but not you — you
will always be the one
who gave the gift of such space to others
not the one who lived within it.
Hands propped
in your pockets, shoulders
low in resignation for one last look
at all that you have loved.
Though it couldĀ not manage to love you
it will glorify you into a lovely idol
that will last for centuries
inspiring art and war.
You will be like Helen,
won’t that be wonderful Jesus?
One last walk, slowly
no need to rush.
Tomorrow will be full.
it will rain —
that would be fitting
for the weariness
that awaits.
One last long walk
in loneliness.
It is almost done.

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