Lent 36

I am blessed this day by the nappy-headed Christ,
by Her bubbling spirit and Her earnestness for life.
Through this growing incarnation, O Blessed Christ,
you compel my attention to beauty and heartache,
to the fullness of now and the yearning of not yet.
Break my heart with love for you, Sweet Christ, as
you teach me new ways of interconnected being.

One thought on “Lent 36

  1. There you were today, Mothering God, holding the child close, moving to the rhythm of the song you whisper in her ear.
    A song that only she will hear, though we strain to hear the music.
    For it reminds us of who we are: children of God. Sometimes we forget the tune, and the words escape us.
    Sing us the song again, Light-Hearted God. The song of life whose harmonies we learn in major and minor keys. The song that stays with us from the beginning and sings us into new life with you.

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