Lent 19

Hold a coal to my lips, O LORD,
and sink your teeth into my tongue
lest my words form without thought or
attention. Sear falsehoods from my mouth.
Silence my words and let my actions
be of service to your Word and
to your Work of faithfulness.
Let my mouth not speak
unless my life lives.

7 thoughts on “Lent 19

  1. Help, O LORD, help
    Me as I speak this day
    Help, O LORD, help
    My words
    For they can never be pulled back
    Once they are set free
    Help, O LORD, help
    My words to be used
    For your will
    And not mine.
    Help, O LORD, help
    Each of us show others Your Grace
    In our everyday words.


  2. Creator of my tongue
    Who hears every
    encouraging or discouraging
    word I speak
    Govern my heart
    for it is from this place
    that I utter
    each solitary expression–
    for good or for evil
    “Let the words of my mouth
    and the meditations of my heart
    be acceptable in Your sight
    O Lord my rock
    and my Redeemer.”
    Psalm 19:14

  3. Let my words be few
    Let my words be true
    Let my words be all for you

    Let my words bring you glory.
    Let my words in work, in home
    in speaking to my husband, my children, my friends
    Let each word be as if I were speaking only to you


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