Lent 17 (Spring)

I beg you,
by the gazelles and the wild does,
loose your heavy cloak of winter
and brave the first delicate steps
that will send you
bounding over snow drifts and
dancing beneath dull gray skies.

I urge you,
by the red-tailed hawk and the house wren,
be unladen from the world’s dispiriting chill
and soar to answer the Siren call that is
God’s frivolous joy
attracting you with the drifting scent of lilies
caressing you with sun’s long-forgotten warmth.

Come now, I beseech you,
by the leopard frog and the queensnake,
do not surrender your song or your swing
though you are carrying many burdens
but look and see!
the earth is turning to bring you a new day
the season of hibernation is finally ending.

on Song of Songs 2:10-12, with 2:7


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