Instead of a Barn

I will say to my soul,
“Soul, you have ample grace
to live absent of fear and full of love.
Now at last will you rest your worries and
welcome God’s possibilities for life?
Come, my soul, step out
into a new thing!”

on Luke 12:19

3 thoughts on “Instead of a Barn

  1. “I will say to my soul,

    ‘Soul, your abundance is in Jesus.

    All the peace, security, contentment and joy you need

    flows from Him.

    Not only did He come to give of His abundance


    He is the abundant One!

    The abundant life

    is a Person!

    Oh my soul

    rest in Him

    draw from Him

    He is your



    It has been a number of weeks

    since I have written a prayer from Rachel Hackenberg’s “prayer prompt”

    as summer and cottage life has interrupted rhythms of life.

    But this one jumped out at me and was written effortlessly

    It is what the Abundant One has been speaking to my soul about–

    His abundance.

    And what He has made me aware of again–

    that I so rarely live out of His abundance.


    How delightful it has been for Him

    to have awakened within me

    the beauty and constancy and strength

    of His abundance.

    I so long to live here.

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