God in the Footnotes

“Ascribe to the LORD” (Psalm 29) might be paraphrased as “Attribute to God” or “Give God credit,” with attribution and credit being represented these days with such things as bylines and footnotes. Footnotes recognize preceding material, influencing voices, and sources upon which all else rests — thus a footnote to recognize The Source upon which all else rests.

The dawn’s light
chases the night in
streaks of red & gold!*

*All credit & praise to God.
See also: the beauty of the LORD.

A smile of joy
eases a weary heart
connecting one to two and three.*

*All credit & praise to God.
See also: where two or three are gathered.

Music cascades
like a waterfall down
the mountains, over the earth & all hearts.*

*All credit & praise to God.
See also: the voice of the LORD.

The saints herald
the faithfulness of God
giving witness to All That Is beyond us.*

*All credit & praise to God.
See also: Do not be afraid.

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