Exodus 12

Thus says the LORD:

This is the beginning.

It shall have the look
of death —
you will see blood
and hear screams
as you scurry
to do the last things
the final preparations
that come with death.

But be not afraid.
This is the beginning.

Hush your children
from crying as you wait
for the new day.
Gird your loins against
regret and longing
for you cannot go back
once I move

Put on your sandals.
This is the beginning.

Train your tongue
to savor bitter herbs.
Learn to kindle a fire
in the desert,
and to find your way
in the dead of night.
Prepare to run
and leave a blessing behind.

This is only the beginning.

2 thoughts on “Exodus 12

  1. These prophetic verses of “the beginning” from Exodus about calamities and dangers we may face, the good Lord is giving us specific guidance on how to be prepared.

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