Ecclesiastes 3

For everything there is not enough time:
not enough time to work or to rest,
to savor or to surrender,
to remember or to dream.
Not enough time, not enough!
But the One Who Holds All Time whispers:
What are you trying to do
beyond what I have given you
to do? What else do you hope to gain
beyond life, breath, love?
You fuss over yesterday and
bite your nails about tomorrow
but I Have Been
from the beginning
and I Will Be
to the end.
Time does not belong to you;
you are only chasing dust with your
frantic busyness. But listen:
Meet me at the beginning.
Let me walk with you to the end.
Make peace already with working and resting,
savoring and surrendering,
remembering and dreaming.
It is enough.
I am forever enough.

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