Hannah’s Song

Though my soul is dry,
the stream is swollen with rain
because God’s goodness has not failed.

Though the bread crumbs are stale,
the doe and her fawn graze without worry
because God’s goodness has not failed.

Though death looms with certainty,
the sun sings a new song every morning
because God’s goodness has not failed.

Though soldiers sharpen their weapons for war,
the sidewalk yields to a stubborn dandelion
because God’s goodness has not failed.

Though arrogance shouts from its mountain,
the hummingbird continues to savor earth’s nectar
because God’s goodness has not failed.

on 1 Samuel 2:1-10


The tree shall whisper thanks
for the wind by which it dances
though its roots cannot be moved.

The dove shall coo thanks
for the small nourishing seed
that has blown so far from flower.

The rock shall be still in thanks
for the quiet stream pooling past it
and softening its hardest points & edges.

The violet shall radiate thanks
for the taller grasses that shelter it
from the harsh noonday sun.

The seagull shall clamor thanks
for the tide that bears salty morsels
and swells the breeze for flight.

The field shall murmur thanks
for the summer rain that gently
bends the hay and soaks the earth.

And I shall collapse in thanks
for all good gifts of creation
and all sweet joys of love in life.

Rhetorical (Lent 29)

Does the sun still shine?
[Hold on, let me go stand outside.]

Do the tides still sway?
[I’d have to put my toes in the ocean.]

Does joy still bubble in laughter?
[When’s the last time you told me a joke, God?]

Does Hercules still saunter on the horizon at night?
[Let me go diving for Leviathan while I’m at it.]

Do the robins still rise early?
[I try to ignore them.]

Am I not still God?
[Yes, LORD.]

When you are anxious, is my power diminished?
[Of course not, LORD, only my faith.]

When your way is unclear, does that mean I too am lost?
[I can’t really speak for you, God, but probably not.]

So tell me again, does the sun still shine?
[You know it does, O LORD.]

on John 11:7-9