Longer than the night,
more welcome than the dawn,

Your steadfast love endures forever.

Farther than the horizon,
more abundant than the ocean,

Your steadfast love endures forever.

More impressive than the stars,
truer than a plumbline,

Your steadfast love endures forever.

More intricate than woodgrain,
sweeter than a lullaby,

Your steadfast love endures forever.

Faster than a raindrop’s ripples,
more beautiful than an infant’s smile,

Your steadfast love endures forever.

on Psalm 118:1-2


Does the sun still shine?
[Hold on, let me go stand outside.]

Do the tides still sway?
[I’d have to put my toes in the ocean.]

Does joy still bubble in laughter?
[When’s the last time you told me a joke, God?]

Does Hercules still saunter on the horizon at night?
[Let me go diving for Leviathan while I’m at it.]

Do the robins still rise early?
[I try to ignore them.]

Am I not still God?
[Yes, LORD.]

When you are anxious, is my power diminished?
[Of course not, LORD, only my faith.]

When your way is unclear, does that mean I too am lost?
[I can’t really speak for you, God, but probably not.]

So tell me again, does the sun still shine?
[You know it does, O LORD.]

on John 11:7-9

Advent: Me Too

The heavens sing to the earth:
“The LORD is greatly to be praised.”
I’ll sing too.

The fields boast with joy:
“God is sovereign over the earth.”
I want to shout it too.

The winds twirl with the trees:
“The LORD is coming, coming, coming.”
Let me dance too.

The seas rush forward in greeting:
“Hooray! Hosanna! See the glorious One!’
I’m running to you too.

The rising sun tells it plainly:
“The LORD is faithful and forever.”
I want to testify too.

Me too,
O God my God.
Me too.

on Psalm 96


Advent: Paying Attention

the heartache
the weariness
the “to do” list
the brokenness
the starling with its beautiful iridescence tapping at our window, seeking a shelter from the winter wind

the frustration
the guilt
the fear
the news
the faraway line of white seagulls over the lake, dodging cold winter waves and then diving for their catch

the questions
the struggle
the fight
the disbelief
the hand-carved ship ready to set sail from my Christmas tree branch where it hangs, eager for adventure

the limitations
the grief
the longing
the disappointment
the short fat snowman rolled together on a bitterly cold day, because who can (or should) quell the determination of youth?

find us, most merciful God,
through the joys and the strains alike
with beauty so simple and good news so plain
that our heads are lifted and our tongues are loosened to sing.

on Psalm 27:5-6