1. The morning comes too slowly. The morning dawns to fast. The night is unforgiving. The night is fleeting. There is no hour when I am not waiting, but You arrive neither as a thief nor as a friend, because You do not arrive.
  2. Prayers soothe my spirit. Prayers irritate my soul. Every word is a connection, every word is a disappointment, every word is a longing, and I no longer have clarity about what word I hope to hear from You because there are none.
  3. You comfort. You tease. You joke that Anna and Simeon waited lifetimes for one celebratory song, for one prophetic revelation. You warn that constant presence is as untamed as a pillar of fire. You don’t commit, one way or another.
  4. The eagle soars at a distance. The cheetah runs as if gliding. They were created for strength, but people were created to faint and wither like grass. In Your everlasting mystery, You have promised that which we are not made to be or do.
  5. I light a candle, but it is only a candle. I need a flashlight. A spotlight would be better. A bright path of insight through the shadows, a guiding ray to navigate the mystery, a laser point by which I might chase You among the stars.
  6. Three long, weary minutes the commuter waits for the metro. One hour the baker waits for the bread dough to rise. Four months the sun waits through winter for the crocus. Nine months the mother waits through pregnancy to see her child.
  7. Forever and a day is a mere moment. The sun’s arc across the sky is an eternity. Tomorrow will never arrive. Catching up is an impossibility. But a heartbeat of joy redeems all waiting. A glimpse of Your fulfillment is all the hope needed.

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