With Twitter’s emoticon shift making the NYTimes this morning, I feel validated in publishing my overreaction. 🙂 

Love is but a sentiment
and a silly one at that —
as careless as a click or tap,
without thought or discretion,
not even bothering
to break a nervous sweat.
The heart cannot be trusted:
this we have been bitter enough
to believe yet too noble to name
and now Twitter
taunts us with its triteness,
offering an abundance of hearts
that mean nothing — no more
and no less than cold icy rocks
reflecting lights long since faded,
like digital yellow stars of “favor”
that feign affirmation but
cannot outlast a moment’s feed.
No, Twitter, the pretense of love
does not become you any more
than it flatters the user,
and I will not be
so lightly teased —
not even by an emoji.

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