Incline yourself like a dread warrior
toward those you love, O Holy One.

Count the hairs on the heads of
Robert Fuller, Malcolm Harsch,
Dominique Alexander, and comfort
those terrorized by racism’s awful fruit.

Hear the cries of the children.
Hear the cries of the elders.

Grieve, O Holy Love, the sparrows
felled by violence: Kozee Decorah,
Riah Milton, Rem’mie Fells, and hold
in favor those who have been cast out.

Hear the songs of the weary.
Hear the songs of the resolute.

Preserve, O Holy Sword, the lives
of all your people, and at long last
prevail against shame and destruction.
Make haste! Make haste! Make haste.

Incline yourself with grace and strength,
and hold fast to those who call your name.


on the Revised Common Lectionary texts
and cross-posted at RevGalBlogPals

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