Let the storms rumble!
Let the rocks quake and roll!
What can move me like my God?

Let the nights stretch on!
Let the traffic come to a standstill!
Who knows my time so intimately as God?

Let joy be fleeting!
Let romance bloom and fade!
No whim of fancy delights my spirit like God!

Let my feet lose their way!
Let my soul faint with its longing!
God’s faithful lullaby will farĀ outlast my tears!

Let shame become my crown!
Let ashes and woundedness dress this life!
Who else but God alone can redeem the brokenhearted?

So let my tongue lift its praise!
Let my hands stretch wide in gratitude!
God holds forever the seat of power and mercy!

Even as I pour out my soul, I say to myself:
“Hope in God, for you will again praise your
help and your rock.” (Psalm 42:5-6, adapted)

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