Tissues (Lent 3)

Close to You, I am
close to tears
for Your beauty moves me like
a sunrise, like a baby’s breath, like
the second movement of Beethoven’s seventh
and never will I be able to fully articulate
how Your grace renders my heart
useless except to cry.
I miss You
even though You are here
because I cannot grasp You fully; like a dream
You dance just out of imagination’s reach
though I string together all my best
words to try to understand
and impress You.
Let me
adore You, not even
love You, just gaze through tears
and sniffle at the wonder
of You. I am
blessed to have even
an inkling of You
and to haveĀ glimpsedĀ even
the barest shadow of Your eternal elegance.
It is too much to ask that You love me;
only bless me never to forget
the delight of You.

One thought on “Tissues (Lent 3)

  1. Interesting thought line, I often struggle for just the right descriptive words only to fail and fall back on the names given to our dear Lord. Glad I’m not alone

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