Worrying and twisting my soul
over all that is and all that may be
and all that needs to be
new projects
continuing projects
self improvement projects
write less
weigh less
exercise at all
eat healthier
fold laundry
make dinner
pay attention
connect more
support more
spend less
strive harder
be content
practice self-care
work nonstop
the “to do” list grows longer
the demands get louder
Do this!
Don’t forget!
And through the noise
of my long list and my full calendar
of my contorted spirit and my own chaotic head
I hear, “You shall have no other lists
before me. No lists, no priorities,
nothing else except God.
I alone am your List.
I am the Hours of your day.
I am all your Work and all your Rest.
I am your Strength, and when you reach your limits,
know that I still continue. I am greater than
your longest ‘to do’ list, so when
you run out of list space
and time and energy,
know that I still am.”

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