Sunday Prayer: Sighing

O God our God,
what can we possibly say?

We are alternately hopeless and joyous,
weary and renewed.

Our spirits sag under the endless onslaught
of chaos, of discord, of violence,
of dehumanization.

Our spirits are depleted too by their own betraying habits
of disagreement, of hostility, of distrust,
of resentment.

What can we possibly say, except that
you are God and you know the truth of these things?

In our wildest dreams, we would be more like you:
abundant in grace and unafraid in love,
peaceful and patient.

In our everyday lives, we have seen it: the gift
of bread, of mercy, of beauty,
of healing.

What can we possibly say, except
thank you?

For all that is,
for all that has been,
for all that still will be, O God our God,
be above all and in all and through all, we pray. Amen.

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