Sunday Prayer (Epiphany)

It’s only the second week after Christmas,
only a few days into the new year,
and we are tired already, God.
The arrival of the magi and even
the mystery of the Word Made Flesh
are not quite enough to shake us loose
from daily stresses and the spiritual duldrums
with which we struggle. But we are trying,
honestly we are trying, to savor
the wonder of it all.

While we are trying and wondering, we pray:
for those who are cold today;
for those who are dying;
for those who ache.
We pray for those who need
a glimmer of light and the hope of newness.
We pray for ourselves, and Emmanuel
we pray for one another.
Lead your people
with consolation to that place
of peace, where rivers flow clear
and wise men honor children, where
snow dances in your praise
and grace is lavish.

All of this we lift up to the Light. Amen.

Prayer cross-posted at RevGalBlogPals.

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