Sunday Prayer

We dream.
Most Holy Mystery, we dream of a new day,
of a new chance, of a new direction
in which you are glorious and
we are bold; a new season
in which you are not an enigma
and we are finally free from pain or fear;
a brand new year in which the gift of ease is ours.

We yearn.
Most Holy Light, we yearn to behold Something
beautiful and life-changing, to behold
our own gifts with appreciation,
to behold your path
and know the comfort
of your joyous welcome and
the peace in your power to do all things.

We testify.
Most Holy Refugee, we testify to your stories and ours
of life impacted by violence and marked by tears,
of plans made and hastily reconfigured, of
home being an unfamiliar place;
and we testify with deep thanksgiving
that you are also our Refuge — ever present
and ever drawing us together by incarnate revelation.

We worship.
Most Holy God, we worship you in dedicated community
with the weary and with the wandering, with
the moon and sun and mountains,
with Rachel as she rages
and with Mary as she parents,
with one another — knowing that
we cannot make this journey on our own.

By your grace,
guide us.
In your mercy,
be with us.

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