Most holy God,
beautiful and reigning Christ,
ever-pursuing Shepherd,

You have claimed us — we are yours;
before you we have no other gods.
Set your fire on our tongues
and your righteousness in our hearts
so that we might give you the honor and praise you deserve.

At the gate of your glory and greatness, we pray:
for unfettered joy to catch us up in its wake,
for glad gratitude to outpour from joy,
for fellowship to follow gratitude.

We cannot enter your divine gate
without our sisters and brothers —
the sheep and the goats, the weak and the strong,
the wandering and the lost and the cast-out, all your flock.
Bring us together and bring us safely home.

At the gate of your grace, we pray:
bind the wounds of the injured and hold
accountable those who have been reckless;
strengthen those who rise up and cry out
until they may rest with the arrival of reconciliation.
While we praise you, we wait impatiently for justice.

At the gate of your goodness, we pray:
for solace to those in mourning,
for clear vision to those who worry,
for relief to those who are struggling and strained.

Scatter us wide
so we might see
that there is nothing between us,
no separations among us — only you.
At the gate of your glory, we pray:
hold us close and dwell with us.

We pray by the power of Christ,

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