Let us keep silence before God.

. . .

This is the day of the LORD.
This is a moment in God’s time.
This is a breath within God’s work.

. . .

We are humble before you, O God,
for you govern the sun’s race across the sky
and you conduct the symphony of the stars;
you cue the prophet’s trumpet for justice
and you care for the dust of our lives.

Silver and gold are not finer than you,
our one and holy beckoning treasure.
Armies and borders cannot replace you,
our boundless sanctuary and true home.

Have mercy, O God,
for we wither under the daily routines of life
and we faint before the magnitude of your call;
mountains seem insurmountable (truthfully,
whether it’s your mountain or any other hill).
It is all enough for us, too much,
but you are more than enough.

Have mercy, O God,
for our hearts are breaking with the passing of loved ones,
with struggles for health and livelihood and rest, with
conspiring systems of injustice and stories of war.
It is enough, it is too much,
but you are more than enough.

Have mercy, O God,
for we have doubted our gifts, hidden our talents,
and cried out to you for help
you’ve already given us.
It is enough, it is too much,
yet you are more than enough.

We are humble before your mercy, O God,
for power and authority are yours beyond our imagining;
but this we believe: that you are slow to anger,
abundant in grace, and steadfast in love.

Take our warring and our worrying and our wandering
and hammer us into tools of compassion,
into living signs of love and welcome,
into people of peace. For your sake
and for ours, we pray. Amen and amen.

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