Sunday Prayer

O God of light, we are in awe of your wisdom.
O God of night, we are enraptured by your mystery.
You are the fiery spark in our lives, the deep and wild joy.
You are the familiar song in our hearts, its tune beloved across time.

And now, O Holy Spirit, whisper the prayers of our hearts into the ear of God.

We are complicated people in a complicated world.
(It’s difficult to know where to begin.) We are prone
to pick and choose with our love, to dig deep loyalties,
to set our sights on justice by branding “right” and “wrong.”

(We ache for Leah or we side with Rachel, we wonder about Zilpah and Bilhah, but truly all four mothers are weeping over their sons & daughters who live with fear in a land that is endlessly claimed, divided, embattled.)

How should we pray without betraying our own biases?
Your favor is for all people, your love cannot be withheld.
We pray that those in mourning will be comforted with Rachel
and we ask that those longing for recognition will find companionship with Leah.

Holy Spirit, whisper the prayers of our hearts into the ear of God.

Do not stand apart from us or leave us alone, O God;
this we fear most of all. Every day we scramble to feel
your comforting presence. We would rather cling tightly to you
than ever be cast out or sought out or even sent out to work & grow.

(If we are the mustard seed, or the yeast and flour; if we are the pearls and treasures, or the netted fish; in any event, we must change — grow and move, be found and be put to use — and we are afraid of change.)

How would we know you if not through fear and doubt?
Distill within us the truth: that we are not separate from you.
Teach us one more truth, we pray: that we are not separate from
one another, but all gathered like the birds into the shelter of your love.

O Holy Spirit, whisper the wisdom of God into our hearts.

You are the way by which we live, O Christ.
You are the treasure in which we delight.
You are the love by which we grow.
In all things, we love you. Amen.

A pastoral prayer on the Revised Common Lectionary readings for today (especially Gen 29:15-28, Matt 13:31-52, Rom 8:26-39); cross-posted at RevGalBlogPals.

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