You surprise me, Summer Storm —
though I saw you slowly building in the west,
suddenly you descend amid upturned leaves and
clouds piled high across the face of the sun.
I know better than to fail to keep
a watchful eye on your coming
but no matter: you are here now and I am
wrapped up in you, twisted about and turned around
in awe of your power to break through a stalemate,
a stifling of life and spirit, a gridlock betwixt
sun and earth in which time
was held captive (as was I)
but now with the pounding of this Summer Storm
the air breaks and bends and makes way for life to move
again, for birds to sing again, for feet to dance again
while I am drenched in goodness and mercy.
Yes, God — by your Storm I am
drenched in goodness & mercy.

on Psalm 148:8b

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