Soccer Savior

Jesus, for love of the game, come at long last to be the wise & fair soccer ref that is needed! Be the One with the integrity of sight to recognize fouls and off-sides! Be the One with the clarity of voice to make calls swiftly and with impartiality! Be the One whose watch and whose cards cannot be bribed, whose trustworthiness cannot be questioned! There is no one else we can trust: the coaches worship at the altar of the owners, the players have sold their shoes to the highest contract, the referees are corrupt and glad to line their pockets, IMG_20141111_183045 - Version 2the fans bleed fanaticism and blind pride. Help the game, O Christ! Take control of this game that you love even more than we do. Make the pitch once again a green haven where your will is done. Amen.

4 thoughts on “Soccer Savior

  1. And then there are the choral directors …
    Conducting a choir heard only by themselves with soloists chosen by favoritism not skill.
    Thanks, Rachel.

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