With two they covered their faces;

Interrogate the ways we watch the world,
O Holy Magnificence,
for too often we hide the eyes of our hearts
from the blaze of your love as it is at work
on earth as in heaven; too often we watch
with cynicism, judgment, and self-interest.
Now cover our sinful gaze
so that the eyes of our hearts might look
in wonder, thanksgiving, and possibility
until we are embarrassed by your beauty
entrusted so extravagantly to all creation.

With two they covered their feet;

Reveal the habits by which we take root,
O Divine Hovering,
for we are quick to settle in loose sands
of consumption, jealousy, complacency;
our faith tiptoes in your fierce presence
lest the sands catch fire in your purity.
Now cover our timidity
so that we might not be so enamored by
security that we miss the holy journey.
Grounded in your goodness, make us
unafraid through the whims of change.

With two they flew.

Keep us forever in your holy judgment,
O Perfect Life,
where each heartbeat might be freed up
from the constraints of sin and violence
with a rush of grace and a blush of glory
and an unashamed song of deliverance.
Now uncover our joy
like the flight of an eagle, like the shine
of a pearl, like an abundant catch of fish.
Let our redemption not be in vain. Put
your love in us to use, and we will soar.

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