Then the LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind: “Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Do you know the way to the dwelling of light, to the home of darkness? Can you leap through the heavens to loose Orion or command the Pleiades? Can you soar with the eagle and establish its home on the crag? Or in the depths: can you coax Leviathan from its hiding and calm its roar to a whisper?”
(Job 38-41 excerpts)

I am here
feet on the ground
sand between my toes
waves washing over me
wind whipping my breath away
before I can even sigh
here in a moment
that is everything at once
and nothing at all
not the heavens
or the depths
not the haven of dawn
or the celestial pathways
but grounded here
by time and flesh
and wind that whips and swirls
pressures and contains
so that I must be still
must listen
must hear the song
of expansive sacredness
of glory unbounded
of joy here
in the dusty touch
of heaven to earth where
I wish I were not
I would give anything
to be
I am already
arms stretched wide
not so that I might fly but
so that I can breathe deeply enough
to sing
letting the wind
take each cracking note
from my lips
each gift for the Song
until my longing for the stars
has sung itself out and
there is nothing
but the dance and delight
of my toes in sand and water
in holy ground


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