Today’s prayer prompt comes from Writing to God: Kids’ Edition, my second book and an engaging resource to encourage young readers in prayer. One of my favorite prompts in the Kids’ Edition holds endless possibilities for prayer:

“What’s your favorite color? What do you like about that color? As you think about your favorite color, can you imagine anything that God has in common with that color? For example, if you like blue because it’s a beautiful color for the sky, you could say that blue is beautiful…and God is beautiful too! Describe how God is like your favorite color.” (Paraclete Press 2012, pg 56)

Don’t be afraid of prayer-writing playfully in response to this prompt, nor should you be surprised if the prompt inspires a thoughful prayer from your pen. I hope that you’ll share your prayers as comments here; I’m eager to hear what colors you choose! Here’s my colorful psalm:

Flushed with passion

Bold as a tiger lily

Sunshine to my soul

Envious as the all-encompassing ivy

Lament in a 12-bar keen

Mysterious, ever-fleeting

Faithful and exposed like a bloom

How great you are, O God our God,
like a breath-taking rainbow!

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