Does the sun still shine?
[Hold on, let me go stand outside.]

Do the tides still sway?
[I’d have to put my toes in the ocean.]

Does joy still bubble in laughter?
[When’s the last time you told me a joke, God?]

Does Hercules still saunter on the horizon at night?
[Let me go diving for Leviathan while I’m at it.]

Do the robins still rise early?
[I try to ignore them.]

Am I not still God?
[Yes, LORD.]

When you are anxious, is my power diminished?
[Of course not, LORD, only my faith.]

When your way is unclear, does that mean I too am lost?
[I can’t really speak for you, God, but probably not.]

So tell me again, does the sun still shine?
[You know it does, O LORD.]

on John 11:7-9

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