Remembering, O Light, that your sign of mercy is my sign of trust,
from horizon to horizon, sunrise to sunset, mountains to seas.

Taking a deep breath in, letting trust reach down to my toes.

Remembering, O Life, that your time of patience is my time of wilderness
through tumult and transgressions, and at last into the care of angels.

Releasing a long exhale, reaching wide for the nearness of angels.

Remembering, O Love, that your torn heavens are my torn heart,
breaking logic and sense and explanation for a moment of delight.

Receiving the fragments of heaven, shaking loose the need for repair.

Be generous with signs in the wilderness
and mercies in the morning, O Promise,
until remembering is a steady blessing
that flows like a wide river toward peace.

on the Revised Common Lectionary readings,
cross-posted at RevGalBlogPals

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