Rachel’s Tears

Rachel runs through Cairo,
her covering and shoes long since discarded
as she rushes from mosque to square to church to street,
overwhelmed in the whirl of bloodshed and rage,
eyes blurred by mourning.

Her lament is heard beyond Egypt;
she wails at the sight of each broken body,
picks them up from the dust and devastation to hold them,
looks around her as though to find their lives
torn away by the violence.

These are her children, and
there can be no comfort for her tears.
Let us give our silence in honor of Rachel’s bitter mourning
and add our tears for the comfort & healing
of the blood-stained ground.

3 thoughts on “Rachel’s Tears

  1. While I do not have eloquent words of my own to share here, as a military family who is now in America I have other words from those whose face you haven’t seen but whose heart is open and asking for prayer…
    I share this critical update from our co-laborers at Middle East Reform Fellowship—————
    Security concerns have kept MERF’s ministry center in Cairo, Egypt closed for three days. So far, no staff or ministry partners have been physically hurt. Christians are especially targeted by Islamists because they are unarmed and cannot fight back. Yet, the international media has given little attention to the dangers facing Christian communities in Egypt.

    About 38 people of Christian background lost their lives (including two police officers) and over 200 were injured by the Islamists attacks on police centers, homes, businesses and churches. At least 64 churches were attacked, including 8 evangelical buildings. This was mostly in Upper Egypt, where there are significant numbers of Christians. Some were completely burned down. Over 400 hundred businesses and shops and many more Christian homes have been attacked, burglarized and/or burned. In the city of Malawi (central Egypt), Christian families have been forced from their homes taken over by Islamists from other cities.

    The interim government pledged to rebuild all destroyed churches. Egyptian Church leaders made public statements calling Christians to be forgiving and to trust only in the Lord’s protection and not seek or expect any help from Western or other nations. Prayer chains have been established throughout the country.

    There is special concern over the well-being of Muslim converts, pastors and others discipling secret seekers. Under Morsi’s one year presidency, information was gathered on some that might have come into the hands of Islamic militias.

    A famous Egyptian TV journalist, Youssif Al_Housainy, a nominal Muslim, has been quoting regularly from the Sermon on the Mount on his weekly show. This week, in the light of the attacks on Christians and churches, he quoted Matthew 5:11-12, commenting:
    “Islamists are told that they are blessed if they die killing their enemies and fighting for their cause, yet the heavenly message of Christ is that the oppressed and persecuted are the ones who receive abiding eternal rewards!”

    MERF’s Arabic gospel broadcast and literature production continues in both Egypt and Lebanon. Several Egyptian staff are able to work from home. We thank the Lord for these and other MERF ministries in His plan to call out His people from among Muslims in Egypt and elsewhere. He seems to be preparing many hearts for the Gospel of God’s grace and peace in Christ.

    Join in earnest prayer for the safety of God’s people in Egypt and Syria and for continued fruitful Gospel ministry.

    With gratitude for your prayer partnership in missions to Arab and Muslim peoples

    • Rachel, beautiful lament relating to the biblical Rachel.

      I also wanted to thank Wintersong for lifting up his personal story and prayer request. I have been praying and discerning the situation in Egypt and the above news helps put a personal image in my mind’s eye.

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