From dawn to dusk, from dusk to dawn,
O God guide our breaths, our lives, our loves.

We are fragile and frail, O Eternal Glory. We are so full of pride that we downplay our faults, and so full of faults that we downplay our possibilities. What is the sky to a speck of dust? What is hope to a drop of rain?

Yet you have shown us the sky with all its mystery, and you have planted seeds of hope within our limitations. Now our dusty selves yearn for the stars, our raindrops long to find the river, and our hopes ache to bloom.

Would that we never forget you or fear your wonders! Would that our delight in being never be overwhelmed by jealousy of one another! Would that our distance and desperation never be stumbling blocks to your healing!

From dusk to dawn, from dawn to dusk,
O God guide our breaths, our lives, our lives.

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