There comes a time when something (Something) must come about, for if nothing (Nothing) comes about, that will be death. We believe so often that change is death, that disaster is death, that Death itself is death, but no — even in Death, something (Something) occurs and something (Something) continues. Even in disaster, something (Something) trembles and shifts. Even in change, something (Something) falters and fades. And though it may be alarming, take heart: it is not nothing (Nothing). There is still something (Something) that remains, still something (Something) that comes. So as it comes — this something (Something) — and until it comes and through all of the angst of it coming: hold a hand; walk together; ungate your heart; find space to breathe; give space to breathe; blend your voice with others in song; show up and participate — do not do nothing (Nothing). And most of all, do not be afraid. There is still and always Something.

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